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Haldir / Jul 24, 2012
Another important decision in our long history has been made. After carefully thinking this over, Semper Dius has decided to step back from our [SD] tag. It's with pain in our heart that we say goodbye to something we identified ourselves with for 5 and a half years. But it is for good reason that we change:

First of all [SD] isn't an uncommon 2 letter combination. There will be several Guilds using this tag, in the past this has never been a problem but in GW2, Guilds are cross server so there is a higher chance of encountering a Guild with the same tag.

It is for this reason that we started talking about changing our tag. We decided to go for [DIUS]. Why this tag? Well, it will be a tag that can only be linked to Semper Dius. If we are seen running around with that tag everyone should instantly know what Guild we are, given that we make a name for ourselves ;)

Another positive from this change is that not only will it make us stand out more in game but also on the internet. If you google SD you'll find a lot of results, if you google Dius we'll be an early hit.

So for those reasons, plus that it looks good and fits us perfectly, we are now officially changing our tag to

Haldir / Jul 20, 2012
Semper Dius isn't sitting still while waiting for Guild Wars 2. Driven by our active and motivated Community we've had game servers for Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft so far. Next to that we play together in Civilization 5, Borderlands, League of Legends, Smite, Blacklight Retribution, Tribes: Ascend and many more.

As next chapter in our successful story we are adding a ARMA II - DayZ mod server to our Community. Thanks to Cas, who owns the server, SD can now hunt zombies (and so much more) on more familiar ground.

So join us on our server for more thrilling experiences that will certainly make your blood pump dangerously hard!

The server details are:
Server name: DayZ - LU232 ( (Veteran|3D:ON|CH:ON) - By Semper Dius |
Port: 2302
Mizaki / May 18, 2012
After much deliberation and a surprising number of applications from members, the Field Marshals for both PvE and PvP have finally been decided.

First and foremost we would like to thank all those that applied, some obviously provided more information than others and it was a very difficult choice. For anyone not selected, please don’t be disheartened as your leadership qualities and opinions, are still very much required in all guild matters. We will, when neccesary, review those selected and may eventually increase the number.

The roster will be updated shortly to reflect the new roles of those chosen and it goes without saying that those who were successful are expected to lead and be present for WvW, structured and player versus enemy events (in Samels case) as much as they are able.






Mizaki / Apr 25, 2012
Despite a lengthy discussion and voting process between members, as to what server we should play on in the up and coming Guild Wars 2 beta weekend, it has been decided that for this phase we will choose Desolation.

Despite it receiving fewer votes than both Riverside and Augury Rock, there were several factors for not, at this time, choosing either of those popular choices. The dismissal of Augury Rock from the list of candidates was predominantly because of a potentially large proportion of non English speaking players gravitating towards it. Whilst we have no issue with anyone speaking their native tongue (we are a multicultural guild after all) I'm sure many of our members in their MMOG lifetime have, at some stage, encountered a server or shard where they have been unable to communicate to others, due to language barriers.

As a first foray into Guild Wars 2 for many of our members, we want to ensure that the play experience for all is as enjoyable as possible, so selecting what will hopefully be a predominantly English speaking server fits that purpose.

Secondly, though Riverside was very popular and likely to become the outright winner, we want to ensure we forge strong ties with Guilds who share similar views to our own. The announcement from Darkademic that DarkReavers, a like minded guild, are to choose Desolation for this beta event, provides us with a perfect opportunity to road-test what could become a strong alliance.

Should we feel that after this phase they do not fit our ideals, then we will look to selecting an alternative server (Riverside) over the phases to come.
Mizaki / Apr 19, 2012
The Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend event has finally been confirmed as beginning on the 27th April! For three days, all those who pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 will have access to the servers and should, several days before the event, receive their client information.

This is a great opportunity to really nail down your profession choice before launch and get a feel for the game, as well as exploring its structured PvP and World versus World content.

A blog post detailing what is available should arrive in the next few days and hopefully lets us loose on the elusive Asura and Sylvari.

Though we’ve yet to decide on a server, we have put in a place a rough order of events. For any members who don’t want to take part in this blood-bath-athon, that’s fine; all members are free to do just as they please across all three days though we hope to see as many as possible participating in Saturdays events.

Friday Free For All

We’re in no doubt that everyone will want to do everything they possibly can the moment they get on the server, so we decided that Friday was the most sensible choice to allow all members to do just what they want, when they want. Make the most of this opportunity to experiment; The Mists are complete with underwater, moving and stationary test dummies for you to try your skills against!

• Establishing your professions
• Experimenting with builds
• Test dummying in The Mists
• Exploration
• PvE and Dungeon content

Saturday Structured and WvW

What better way to spend a Saturday than Semper Dius jumping onto several servers, filling them to the brim and then slugging it out. It is likely that everyone will meet in The Mists, we’ll divide numbers and party members and then jump in for hour after hour of fisticuffs. As the server numbers begin to swell and for a change of scenery, we’ll eventually move to WvW as and when members are ready. Oh and put your Saturday best on, there will be a guild photo!

Sunday Structured and WvW

Could there be anything finer than a repeat performance of Saturday? We don’t think so, that’s why a healthy dollop of another round of Structured and WvW is in order, late into the night.

Stock up on soft drinks, snacks and pack off the family. The Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend is almost here!

Now where is that catheter I left lying around…
Mizaki / Apr 12, 2012
The long anticipated fast-paced shooter that is Tribes:Ascend is now available to play and Semper Dius have decided on yet another Fight Night whilst we wait for Guild Wars 2 (as if Team Fortress 2 wasn't enough!). The Tribes:Ascend release build, which you can download by visiting the site, includes 9 playable classes, 5 game-modes, and 16 unique maps.

Recent additions include the CTF map Raindance, as well as a new game-mode called Capture and Hold. The Release build also includes a preview of the Custom Server functionality that will soon be available to players.

Although we don't yet have a dedicated server (these arrive in a few weeks time) feel free to pop by on our forums if you want to join some of us in game.

We'll see you Wednesdays. Prepare for the pain!

Semper Dius
Mizaki / Apr 11, 2012
The second part of Guild Wars 2 Hub's interview with Jon Peters has gone live today. The first part, if you missed it, can be found here.

Jon: I think we’re even seeing that more so now. To me, that’s my favorite thing about the game. I won’t take credit for it – I think Colin said it at some point – but the most important thing in GW2 is how well you play a build, not the build itself.

As ever, Jon Peters gives a fantastic insight into the thought processes behind Traits and builds whilst there is some particularly juicy information about the Necromancer in the first part and a excellent delving by Hub into build make-ups in the second.

It's a great read.

Semper Dius.