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Dius GW2 Update - May 2013

Mizaki / May 27, 2013

The officers and I held a meeting yesterday evening to firmly agree on several changes within the guild. These changes aren't drastic but are minor adjustments intended to improve your experience of Dius in and out of game (on these very forums). Below is a list of those changes and agreements, with many of you likely to have noticed some of the more obvious additions.


The Dius calendar has been neglected of late and hasn't been particularly accurate in reflecting our event times or what events are actually taking place. That's about to change and as you might note, we've a new set of images already. The officers and I will be ensuring the the calendar on the front page remains up to date so please do ensure you pay attention to it.

Dius Raids

Our presence in World versus World is well documented on Gandara and its been agreed that we should approach this aspect of the game seriously on our dedicated World versus World event nights. What this means is for all members to bring their best characters and to pay close attention to the officers leading the event. We aren't Red Guard (thank god) but it's important to follow orders during this period to ensure smooth and organised play. Please find below our ruleset which we'll also distribute via Private Message:

No Upscales!

Been pressing this one for a while, an upscale cannot keep up 90% of the time, you can bring upscales on 'non official' days however. (Exception here is Sundess; his only character is an upscale :P)

Come on your MAIN

Come on your main initially. If we feel we may be lacking a certain class, we'll ask you in events to swap it our. If you plan on changing what your main is, Inform me. Furthermore use you MAIN character on the character roster on he forums.

Keep the banter, but out of fights. In fights, bring your A-Game

I love Banter/Trolling as you all know and I am fine with Banter and trolling. Just keep it out of fights. In fights I want full concentration, only things being said on TS relevant to the fight we're in.

Stay with the group unless stated otherwise

No off shooting miles to collect carrots or onion, no staying behind whatever. If I say move we move as a group. Our numbers are small, a loss of one person can greatly affect us.

Roll with builds you KNOW work

We love you guys coming up with new builds and such but if it's completely experimental, use it on other nights first to test. (If you've just 'refined' your current build a little then thats fine.)

Red Guard and Other Guilds

I'll be blunt here: we aren't a feeder guild for Red Guard or any other guilds. If you want to join them, that is well within your rights. However, members who do go on to join Red Guard and other guilds, please do not make a leaving thread (it will be locked and archived) and please do not expect automatic re-entry into Dius when things don't work out. While I appreciate the caliber of Red Guard and the benefits they and other guilds bring to Guild Wars 2, if this is your idea of a good time, we wish you the very best of luck. 8)

Forum Structure

Our forum structure was bloated and a little unwieldy. As a result, I've taken an axe to many of the forum pages and archived them. Hopefully navigating around the site will be much easier because of it. Please note that the profession forums have been merged into one to encourage cross profession discussions.

Recruitment Changes

Beginning tomorrow we'll be implementing a new recruitment process. We're revising existing questions to something more fitting and will be taking a stricter view on all potential members. The process of discussing an applicant will remain the same, but the officers and I have to agree a majority for that member to be accepted (all guild members views will be taken into heavy consideration). In addition, anyone who applies that has clearly put little or no effort in will be instantly declined.

Trial Periods

We've had many trials members in recent months which has been a good thing and secured some excellent players. What we want to do however is ensure that trial members are quickly given a decision about their status. As a result a full trial will be 3 full nights of WvW events, for at least 3 hours attendance. If a trial member cannot attend the 3 event nights he or she will need to say so to an Officer. Alongside this, we'd also like to ask members to keep an eye out on potential players who might fit in to Dius. If you see a Warrior out in WvW who has played alongside us for several days and is clearly kicking ass, it's always worth inviting them for a trial though please speak to an Officer first.

Characters and Professions Wanted

All members characters have been wiped. Can all members kindly recreate their characters. You can do this by selecting "Members" on the navigation bar, followed by "Characters". It has been agreed that you can also add your alternative characters but only if they are level 80 and in Exotic or higher gear. In the "Notes" section of the Character panel, can you also add a list of your alts so Officers can cross check member characters in future. Finally, we'll be adding a new side panel to the front page of the Dius site to advertise for the professions we're actively seeking: rangers need not apply!

Last Thoughts

I'll be arranging a structured PvP in guild tournament over the next few days, with prizes for the winners so stay tuned!


Vaolyn/Taro Koa/Ashling/Oodii :)


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