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Semper Dius VS Unity

Haldir / Feb 11, 2013
As our first foray into “Guild vs. Guild” (where two guilds collide at a designated time and location in World vs. World) Semper Dius triumphed over UNITY in six rounds of 20 vs. 20. If this victory wasn’t enough, Semper Dius went about it in style, successfully defeating UNITY in each round, with no players defeated. Using bold portal tactics practiced only moments earlier and rapid use of combo-fields, there was never any question than it being little more than a bloodbath.

UNITY were gracious in defeat, admitting that Semper Dius “have some really special tactics that we haven’t seen before, after what was seen on the video we have to give you credit for being so innovative!” .

We’d like to thank UNITY for the opportunity and extend an offer to any other guilds interested in taking part, by asking that you visit our Public Area to lay down your challenge.

You can view more videos of our first Guild vs. Guild by using the following links below.

Spectator's view
All fights

Guardian POV:
First fight
Second fight
Third fight
Fourth fight
Fifth fight

Necro POV
2 fights


That Branwulf guy is pretty cool.
I heard he's a closet transvestite, just rumours though so don't know for sure ;) :P :P
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