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Pink Puzzle Night!

Haldir / Nov 10, 2012
Semper Dius isn't all about serious WvW or sPvP events but organizes some laid back and relaxed events as well. What these grouping events shine at is using your imagination and random banter to achieve something together.

A good example of this is our WvW jumping puzzle parties. Mostly during off hours we grab a few members and group up to do the jumping puzzles in all WvW borderlands including the eternal battlegrounds. We make it a goal to all get to the chest, be it in the funniest way or the fastest way it doesn't matter. But what does matter is all leaving it together to go on to the next location.

In the following picture you can see what this can lead to. From left to right, Astaroth Hellflame, Haldir Quindiniar, Astris and Branwulf are showing off in pink colors.

Fellow members quickly got hooked by the amazing beauty of this group of 4. Quite unexpectedly that first night messing with color schemes gave birth to the "Pink Puzzle/Guild Night". When we see the opportunity to do something fun like this we will not hesitate to do so. And so that resulted in the following group picture:

Scarik - Bohun - Haldir - Mystic - Zetkin - Zenith (bottom) - Branwulf - Astris - Corethiel - Cas

It was difficult convincing Scarik to give in to the pink madness but in the end we succeeded. As you can see in the picture he was still trying to break free from it but soon he'll see the beauty of it! Like Zenith who didn't even have to change colors, he could just be his normal self.

There are definitely more nights like this one and nights with other themes coming soon. Stay tuned!


I still think Bran being shirtless was OTT!! ;)
You're just jealous just can't match Bran's style, Scarik.
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