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Guild Beta

Hello thought i'd stop by and congratulate you on getting into guild beta,good luck to your adventures in the old worldPiewalker
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Piewalker33453Small Obi-Jay 10y
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Turret question

Anyone know if your turrets despawn if you run too far away from them?Just trying to think of likely play tactics
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Poken55884Member avatar small Kiant 10y
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Open Accounts

Guys has any1 else been able to create an account at Age of Reckoning Beta Center using open beta code?The only way I seem to get there is via this link: that seems to be for North America only.The EU W...
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Dalsie65990Member avatar small Dalsie 10y
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Hey,As many of you have noticed I haven't been that active lately. A lot has happened to my life since I joined this guild. Most of you probly remember my parents divorce, I've changed football team to a more active one and other things.I also now...
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Fail1714798Small Alterran 10y
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bored at work

Just a hello from your friendly SI member who is stuck at work and bored!someone save me!and say hi to lill for me!ps. Where is the sign up on the forums so you can spam your guild signature and be cool function?pss. like the site.. now gimme my P...
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Pilgrim1815618Small Maelstrom 10y
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Outside guilds- Say hello

Whether you're fighting with us or against us, drop us a line ;)
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Maelstrom2132741Member avatar small Pilgrim 10y