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told to check you guys out

Hi Guys,Was advised by Grumbol to come and check your forums out. I understand your not recruiting until the 18th of Oct, but i just wanted to say that if theres any way i can group with any of you for something game so i can get a feel for the gu...
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Jurial55712Member avatar small jurial 10y
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leveling up

Just saying hi to all semper dius members since i see you all in scenarios everyday and well im hoping to join your ranks post 18th october :) figured it might help if im not a total stranger on d day :)) gl all with leveling ^^
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slothica1411561Member avatar small Poken 10y
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Playing as Destruction

I've seen the guild a lot, especially during RVR scenarios when you've had some badass teamwork and dominated the game. I'm playing alone (friends are scattered on US and EU servers) and seriously, so far I haven't found a single organized Destruc...
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Not playing WAR

Well, some of you might have heard it from moods or maybe not. I had the intention of playing WAR but in the end I went back WoW. With playing wow and working I tought I had time to play war some casually. However, I still didn't recieve my order ...
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Have fun in WAR!

I would foremost like to wish you good luck in WAR! I thank you for your time with my application and so on.When I got my new school-schedule I slowly realised that I probably wouldn't be able to keep up the activity, atleast not this first semest...
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Hello from | Guild Alliance

Hello there SD,I'm madMike from in game I go by the name of Vale or Fairamount (at launch; Vale Fairamount will be my main *fingers crossed*). Basically we're looking for some guild alliances for Warhammer's launch to not only help dec...
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Vale2443024Small Sterling 10y
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Hello And Be aware.. :D

Yo.... My Name is Raum, And i come from Champions Of The North.We From CON wants to become your enemy.... So im here to figure out which server you guy's are playing on when the game is to be released...Im not that good of a speaker, So this is al...
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ApelsiN/Raum76658Small Saevio 10y
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Forum Account

Hello ,I recently got accepted into SD and I applied for membership but I havent received an account so I was wondering if anyone could please help me sort it out, I definately havent received an email.I am sorry if the moderators are busy and hav...
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Greetings and good luck to Semper Dius

Hello Semper Dius!Just a quick message to thank you for reviewing my application and to thank Mizaki for encouraging me to reapply once the game goes live and recruitment reopens.I have no hard feelings, “if in doubt keep them out” is the only rig...
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Bruno - The White Lion and me

Hi Guys.I know that I dont serve for what guild has as objective.You have the team, and it works, just are LvL up the numbers.I know i miss a good solid PvP exp, yes.But i will se that that in the future will not a Problem, can be possible that we...
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Questions over rejection/feedback.

As the topic name suggests,i would like to know the reasons for the rejection to my application,merely for my own informational reasons,and to know what mistakes i did so that i need not do them again.Thanks for your time,cya in game.
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Disregard76531Small Obi-Jay 10y
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Are you kidding me? :D

hey fellas, you like declined all of your applicants... Am not good with all these essays. What chance do i have, to be accepted? =|
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Martynas44175Small Obi-Jay 10y
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Rejected - Just a query

I recently appied to join the guild as a Witch Hunter. I was declined, which is by all means your right to do so, I would just like to ask a question or 2.I was Declined for "lack of experience", which is a fair comment. What is a good enough leve...
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PM Problem

Hi, I have a problem with the PM system it says following: You must be logged in to use the Private Messaging System. While I am logged in? How can I fix this??
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Ulkjar1915777Small Obi-Jay 10y
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Joining SD online.

Howdy chaps, Adramaleck from Sol Invictus here. Jay told me make a post here so Sterling can respond on it, so here i am :) Im in Beta and played with Sterling in AoC. I'd like to join you in potato farming adventures.Cya !Edit - Fixt! :D J
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Adramaleck76748Small Obi-Jay 10y
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Note on applicants

HiI'm not moaning here just mearly pointing something out.By declining people who have never played PvP before surely you are missing out on a different view point from all those who have?For example the british cycling team in Bejing have had a m...
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LeeAsh22889Small Obi-Jay 10y
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Nice guild

Hello, I wanted to say that this is is pretty wel organised site. Gratz for that =)But the reason why i am on it i was wondering are there any people here who played WOW on theserver KUL TIRAS in a guild called The XVI Crusade or Gnomes Revenge?Gr...
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Kink12359Small Kink 10y
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scott, the bright wizard

hi guysI was just wondering why my application was declinedwas it wasn't good enough? or was it because i never answered your questions in time?any feedback is appretiated, thanks
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scott76532Small Snurf 10y
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Nice site -

Just reading the War News and i saw this Guild advertised, pretty nice, good organisation and i like the site design. Good luck with attracting more members!
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Mazza33749Small Haldir 10y