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Snurf exma

What subject exactly snurfy? Maybe i can be of assistance if you are truly paniced
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Hello and a query

Hello there Semper Dius! Greetings and congratulations for your success so for!As one of the top guilds, I hope you can help me. I appreciate my query is general and answerable through studying forums etc. but I think you are the most relevant and...
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So is L4D really worth getting to play with you all??
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- Dungeon Groups -

Lo peeps. This thread is public thread for regular dungeon groups. Opening thread will be for next planned run and details, will update it everytime.What this thread is for is to organise times.Happy Dungeon Crawling!Next Run:
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Greatings Semper Dius.Its been a pleasure so far to meet that many of you on the battlefield. I must admit that your guild without any doubt are the most organised and skilled order guild i have been fighting against. Without most of your skilled ...
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Hello there Semper Dius people :DI wanted to create a forum account but apprently it doe'snt work and seems it isn't really necessary, ...Ohwell, just bored at work and dropping in to say hi *wave*Cya on the battlefield.UzkaelaR40 Witch ElfTainted...
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Engy Applicant

Hullo, i'm currently an officer in the Black Sun Crusade & am possibly in line for the leadership position, but just recently we've lost a lot of players & have had a severre lack of numbers on each night :/I've personally tried to remedy ...
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Hello Semper Dius

Just thought id pop in and say hi to all as im "thinking" of making an application on the 18/10 as after reading through the rules etc i think the guild looks very professional and well organised and i look forward to seeing you all in game as im ...
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Meh at rl.

Hi gents , just wanted to thank you for the trial chance and apologise for my poor "attendance" these days, havent been able to spend much time around my computer due to a project at uni, but things should be back to normal fairly soon (and def b...
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Hey guys :)

Hey guys/girls :)Just thought id drop you a little messageI have just rerolled from another server where I am currently playing a level27+ Zealot. However, I have just fell in love with the witch hunter class and im starting again on your server. ...
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Hi from the other side

Hi guys, you probably know me as Mistressdee lvl 38 sorceress, although i deleted her last night and have rerolled on order playing a BW. Long story short had a dissagreement with the officers in Method about glitching up the walls of keeps. Anyw...
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Destro players we will love and hate :)

Just realised after several scenarios in t3 and t4 you start knowing destruction players as well as order ones, and was curious to see which ones stayed in your heads :)personally i hate "creep" and "mirri", they know im a glass cannon and break m...
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a few questions about recruitment

Hello guys, As you might know i already asked a bit about the recruitment. I heard you will recruit after the the 18th of october.My questions are:The classes mentioned in Current Class Distribution said there were open spots. Are these spots open...
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Guess who's moved servers :P
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"Hi, Semper Duis.Our guild, ALFA, is closing up on Guild rank 14 and are therefore looking for some guild alliances, with who we can stand united with against the masses of Destruction.We are a pure danish guild, but I believe most of our members ...
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Application waiting list ?

Hi all,I had been following the development of your guild for over a month now, but never applied because I wanted to test my preferred class (BW) in the Open Beta first instead of making a fool of myself and trying to change later on. (still wait...
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Hello WoW mates!

Ozur, Dzaileen, Uzor, Galdrik! I don't know or you guys remember me but I'm from WoW named as brujah or ninjaz ^^Just passing by to say hi and telling I'm going to play Warhammer aswell perhaps I will meet you one day if I roll on core servers ;) ...
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Hello from Elysium

Hello,I'm Gloirin,I guess me and my teamates have played with some of you :) ,just passing by and wanted to say hello .I'm happy that in our server Order guilds are doing a great job,and I really hope that we all go on with good spirit and coopera...
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told to check you guys out

Hi Guys,Was advised by Grumbol to come and check your forums out. I understand your not recruiting until the 18th of Oct, but i just wanted to say that if theres any way i can group with any of you for something game so i can get a feel for the gu...
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leveling up

Just saying hi to all semper dius members since i see you all in scenarios everyday and well im hoping to join your ranks post 18th october :) figured it might help if im not a total stranger on d day :)) gl all with leveling ^^
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