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Hai! You felas/fellettes on Perento then?

Oi oi guys, I see you rolled on Perento Elyos? So I guess I will kind of be playing with you all again but as an Asmo =). Should be fun and at least I can say there will be some organised peeps to go up against =).Take care and have fun!Duke / Kin...
Member avatar small Duke / Kink 9y
Duke / Kink1613548Member avatar small Kinkz / Duke 9y
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Oh hai

Guess who's back - With new zombie survival plans! (Oh.. and Aion installing)
Small Oddz 9y
Oddz55759Small Sig 9y
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Huge Queues?

So is it just me that spends all day at work gets home logs in and sits in a queue till 11:30pm at night just to get onto Perento and play for an hour before having to quit for sleep :(It was especially annoying as there where so many private stor...
Member avatar small Imogen 9y
Imogen3051538Small Haldir 9y
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forums access

heyas. can i have access to the photos thread again? wanna taunt alteraan some more!xxx
Member avatar small moo 9y
moo1714027Member avatar small Evie 9y
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Crying on the outside!

I come back to visit SD and I can't spam the general channel, im absolutely gutted! :(How are we all?:) <3
Member avatar small Mizaki 9y
Mizaki2541156Small Obi-Jay 9y
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Just sayin hai !

Hey guys. Must say, woooow when I got a look at this website - a lovely nice design may I add ! Good work whoever did it Anyways, its me darner, was an member a long while back - runepriest back than, due to rl and must say a bit of slacking I got...
Member avatar small Darner 9y
Darner2134548Small Haldir 9y
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Effex's thread of randomness and pie!

rather than clog up my application thread I thought Id create a new one to chit chat in while I wait rather impatiently for CB5 :)Following on for a small chat with sterling(man it feels weird calling someone else by MY name!) with regards to Mbi...
Member avatar small Effex 9y
Effex65717Small Sterling 9y
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Website design

Hey guys,Wtf just happend with your website?I assume someone pressed the wrong button or you got a color blind webmaster or something :)That blue color is just purely awefull to look at, sorry to say./Trover
Member avatar small Trover 10y
Trover3455669Small Keelkik 9y
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Hi guys

Long time no talk! (my fault of course)I hope all is well. Looks like you're gearing up for Aion. I've been playing WoW which has been a fun distraction.Will you have any kind of alt/casual rank for Aion if i decide to try it for awhile?
Member avatar small Oberon 9y
Oberon3253334Small Skwisgaar 9y
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Hey guys

Just thought I'd pop in and say hi to the ex WARriors amongst you.Hope your Aion preperations are going well.Ive joined Sol Invictus on the asmo side and Im looking forward to clashing with you guys.Tho im gonna miss Uboon's calming voice and Dals...
Member avatar small Boomtown 9y
Boomtown65955Small Molg 9y
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Do you like of Aion so far?

I guess that with the end of the beta some of u people already know if you want to play Aion or not. Flame your impressions here pls, for consideration.
Small Lindonin 9y
Lindonin4578224Small Dox 9y
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Cross Realmers now ?

Well I'm pretty confused. War-Europe shows two Semper Dius guilds. One Destro guild that is rank 33 and and an Order one called Semper Diusx that is rank 27. Now which the hell is it ? Or have you all crossed to the dark side and rerolled Destro ?
Member avatar small Wunnerth 9y
Wunnerth97854Small Daerthyr 9y
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A goodbye from Lindonin

My subcription ran out and I won't renew it, cause I'm dreadfully bored with WAR. But I like this community very much, and will sometimes visit the site on off chance you start some good online game. Or maybe SD decides to open a DoW2 section, fo...
Small Lindonin 9y
Lindonin65767Small Skwisgaar 9y
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I ll be abstaining from WAR for 2 months (1.3 patch arrival). If you want, play Dawn of War2 with me. Nick is the same.
Small Lindonin 10y
Lindonin44514Small Uboon 9y
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I m back and I want Lost Vale

Do you have a regular group? I want to join, but there is noone. My guild is either following Bionic or following Bionic. Except T1-3 people.
Small Lindonin 10y
Lindonin5383774Small Skwisgaar 10y
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Chinese Aion password changing instruction

yo. i have a gift for the community.While searching, I discovered this:To help our clients master their accounts in a better way, we are now giving you the guide on changing password in chinese aion.Please follow these steps:Go to, an...
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sherlockhua22982Small Dox 10y
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No wai!

Im not dead! Just half asleep!
Small Oddz 10y
Oddz65848Small Oddz 10y
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Hello again

Hi, Semper Dius! How's life with you now?
Small Lindonin 10y
Lindonin44190Small Lindonin 10y
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Sunday 15 th event

Hello! Lets do RvR-run this Sunday, 5pm - 9 pm London time. - Scenarios- Ninja RvR- 6 - 12 ppl skirmishes- Vent target calling- Tactical leader changing every 30 minutesRegister here
Small Lindonin 10y
Lindonin1512249Small Molg 10y
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Karak-Norn and alliance future

Since we have moved to Norn there is an unprecedented feeling of sympathy between all of Hirn refugees. It might be a good time for us to recruit more guilds for our alliance or even merge with something bigger.I originally objected to this idea, ...
Small Lindonin 10y
Lindonin38304Small Sig 10y