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Possible Alliance

Hey,I'm the leader of the Dark Reavers. We're a similarly sized guild based in the UK.We'd be interested in rolling on the same server as you guys (and for now that's all I really mean by an alliance), but it depends on whether you're interested, ...
Member avatar small Darkademic 5y
Darkademic1917351Small Cas 5y
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Invitation to future WvW cooperation.

Hello everyone.I am interested in gathering mature and somewhat WvW-oriented guilds in a form of 'meta-alliance'. To repeat myself from my own forum...The basic premise is that since we have to be allied with other players and guilds for WvW anywa...
Member avatar small drkn 5y
drkn1612550Small Mizaki 5y
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Invitation to alliance

Hello loves! I'm Acewind, officer of the guild called Army of Fairies, and i would like to invite you in our happy alliance that we're creating for Guild Wars 2.We believe in friendship, and we've made numerous friends in all the games we've playe...
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Acewind1912262Small Sundess 5y
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Thought I'd whip this up...
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Kalran54106Small Roussos 5y
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Guild Wars 1 swag

As some one that never played GW1 (I know I know how very dare I) I was interested to see that GW1 players get stuff if they link their old accounts with there GW2 accounts, and like a junky who feel the need to lick the table clean after all the ...
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Kalran The Pending65175Member avatar small Kalran The Pending 5y
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OH GOOD GOD.... Hour left... what does it mean!!!!???Sure you guys will appreciate whatever it is that's coming!
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Svenbjierd2115319Small Zalamael (Zantetsuken) 5y
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Needed to be said...

#5796356 Haldir wrote: First you let him break my pretty vase and then you try to steal my lover?! .m..........m<BoomBox>....\......./...... :*(
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Kalran Wrecker of Homes63850Small Ufnu (Diemon) 5y
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Downtime 23/02/12

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by the downtime on 23/02/12 between 21:00 and 23:00 PM GMT. It was beyond our powers to fix as the whole the Shivtr network, including their own website, went down. Shivtr being the service t...
Small Haldir 5y
Haldir11396Small Haldir 5y
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Still kickin' it I see

Harro SD!Its been a while.. again:X Everytime when a new mmo is about to release in a few months I visit this forum and end up seeing u guys recruiting for it! Die hard mmo'ers still, always a good thing!So how has everyone been? Any of u tried R...
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Darner53800Small Arkhis 5y
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Fond Memories

So I found myself randomly browsing the gallery, and some of the screenies made me remember some of the good times iv had in SD. Id like to hear what you guys remember, so il start off. Most of my recollection are from WAR since thats where I was ...
Small Dalsie 6y
Dalsie11581Small Dalsie 6y
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Hey again :)

Dear SD members,You might remember me from Aion, being one of the few spiritmasters (Sayuri). I'm also a big GW fan, and ofc can't wait for GW2. I got the courage to get my account reactivated after exchanging a few e-mails with Haldir. :) It's ni...
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Lily128400Small Lily 6y
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Greetings from Rift the Guild.

Just a friendly hello from fellow guardians.www.RiftTheGuild.comIf you are looking for PVP/Raids in Carrion, hit us up.
Member avatar small Dhysko 6y
Dhysko22579Small Haldir 6y
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No wai...

Heard the zombies were on their way, figured id say hi before all hell breaks loose :F
Member avatar small Oddz 6y
Oddz86167Small Obi-Jay 6y
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Hello nubs

Hey folks...Looking through this public thread, I see so many ex-members have posted similar threads. They always come back right? :PAnyway, dropping in to drop you a line 0_oHow is Rift treating you?Or should I ask rather, how are you treating Ri...
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Dalsie96557Small Quercus 6y
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Just saying hi!

Hi guys. Just stopping by to say hi. I've posted an app to the guild as I know you guys from warhammer ( we were in the main alliance together when the game launched. Me and my brother were guild leaders of Dystopia)Anyway hope you're all doing we...
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Hiemdall22162Member avatar small Heimdall 6y
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Logged in as Non-Member: Icehotflame

anyways, I've been able to see a lot of subforums before, but when i logged on SD today it says"Logged in as Non-Member: Icehotflame" right under the "home|forums|members|" bar on top. For some reason I can't see any subforums other then what I ca...
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Bug report?108026Small Rogueworld 7y
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Hi Guys

I joined Fruitz last night along with mental and a couple others so thought I'd join the forum too but our applications have been declined on the site. Do we have to wait till our trial is up or somethng.TaRabb
Member avatar small Rabb 7y
Rabb22856Small Daerthyr 7y
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How's it going, guys?

Keep us leavers informed, will you please?
Small Lindonin 8y
Lindonin85546Small Sascha 8y
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Hai! You felas/fellettes on Perento then?

Oi oi guys, I see you rolled on Perento Elyos? So I guess I will kind of be playing with you all again but as an Asmo =). Should be fun and at least I can say there will be some organised peeps to go up against =).Take care and have fun!Duke / Kin...
Member avatar small Duke / Kink 8y
Duke / Kink1610543Member avatar small Kinkz / Duke 8y
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Oh hai

Guess who's back - With new zombie survival plans! (Oh.. and Aion installing)
Small Oddz 8y
Oddz54420Small Sig 8y