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#6578076 Aug 19, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Sai pain
[color=#990000]Personal info:[Black]

Name (Stephen):[Sai pain]
[b]Location:[South Carolina]
[b]Job / education:[Tech]
[b]Do you own a microphone?:[Of Course]
[b]What are your system specifications?:[I know my memeroy is 4gb 1tb nd processor is 2.5]

[color=#990000][b]Gaming information:[Preordering on the 21st][Green]

[b]Describe your average gaming week to give us an idea about your playtimes[5hours daily... usally start around 3pm]

[b]Do you consider yourself as a casual, semi-hardcore or hardcore gamer?[Hardcore]

[b]Which MMOG's have you played and how did you fare in them?[Alot of little mmo without...
Then i played worldofwarcraft for 3years... fare really good in pvp , made it to arena rating 1.9k in 3s]

[b]Describe your character in GW2 if you've already decided
(Charr, Warrior, crafting, style (Mostly damage with surrport)).

[b]What are you looking forward to in GW2?[Free to play, fun,Bad ass gear, and smashing things]

[b]What previous experience do you have in a Guild environment?[I have been in lots of guilds so i get the rules nd
things like guild events nd vent, etc....]

[b]What do you expect of a Guild?[Just different events or just pugs like runing guild tourments or helping out]

[b]How did you hear about Semper Dius?[Youtube videos]

[b]Are you currently in, or applying to, another GW2 guild?[nope]

[b]What is your favourite game of all time?[On the computer i havent played much besides Worldofwarcraft so imma go with
halo for the xbox]

[b]Is there anything else you would like to share?[No -.-]
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Sterling wins this thread!
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I do! Locked!
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