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To get started get the latest version of mIRC: Download and install as usual. Use the Full setting as an install profile.

mIRC should load up now. When mIRC asks to validate your registration, you press Cancel.

Now you should see the options screen.

Fill it in like I did (but with your settings ofcourse):

Now go to the server tab in your menu and scroll to find Quakenet. Select a random server from Quakenet and double click it.

Time to press connect! The mIRC favorites window should popup now. I always untick it so it doesn't show up next time since I find it rather annoying. To join semper dius automaticly I'll use the perform on connect, which I'll describe later in this guide. So close the favorites window for now by pressing the X of it.

If everything went well you should see the MOTD of quakenet and lots of connection info:

Note that I already typed the join command.
/join #semperdius

By typing this and pressing enter we join the chat channel of semperdius.

Now we're good to go :)

In order to not have to type /join #semperdius all the time you can perform the command. Do this by opening the options window and select the options tab. Now press "Perform".

Enable the Perform on connect and type in /join #semperdius. Now press ok.

Now press Ok again to close the options window.

You're all set now! Next time you launch mIRC, you will automaticly join #semperdius.

Quakenet and a Q account

Quakenet allows channel administration by using Q accounts. In order to get a Q account you need to identify yourself. Do this by typing
/MSG Q HELLO user@mymailhost.xx user@mymailhost.xx
In the Quakenet window (where you saw your MOTD) instructions will appear in how to create your Q account.

Now when you auth you'll need to type:
/msg AUTH nick pass

Instead of doing this all the time you can put this in the perform window on a new line, so you'll automaticly auth every time you log on.
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